Bluebell Bunnies

Before Buying a Rabbit


I currently have baby rabbits available, but please read the information below before you enquire about buying a rabbit.


As with any animal, rabbits require proper care, love and respect. A pet rabbit relies on you, as their owner, to keep them happy and healthy. In return, a rabbit will give you many years of enjoyment. Before buying a rabbit, please consider whether you will be able to give your new pet all the proper love and attention it needs and deserves. If you go on holiday, you will need to have someone reliable and capable to look after your rabbit whilst you are away. Unfortunately we are unable to offer rabbit holiday-boarding services.


Rabbits can live from between 5 - 10 years old. Please think carefully. You must be prepared to look after them for this period of time. Many rabbits can end up in rescue centres due to owners getting fed up or their children growing up and losing interest. Please take this in to account when making your decision.



I do not breed to make money. Breeding Mini Lop rabbits is a hobby for me, and each of my rabbits is a pet. The return from any sales goes straight back into the general upkeep of my other rabbits and there is no profit after covering my costs (which include housing, equipment, feed, vegetables, hay, wood shavings and particularly vet bills).



  • Each of my Mini Lop rabbits has been cared for to the highest standard.
  • Potential owners must be over 18 years old or be accompanied by an adult.
  • Each rabbit is thoroughly health checked prior to leaving for their new home.
  • Mini Lops are a small breed and are very hard to sex under the age of 10 weeks old, therefore sometimes mistakes can be made.
  • All money is used to fund the upkeep and welfare of my rabbits. Any funds are used for the keep and welfare of the rabbits.



Terms and Conditions



Rabbits will only be sold to people we feel are responsible and who are willing to give them a loving and caring home where they will be well looked after. It is important that the baby rabbits go to homes where they will be happy and loved. We hold the right to refuse any sale.


A baby rabbit will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by a responsible adult.


There is a waiting list so if you wish to purchase a rabbit from us it is on a first come first served basis.

Reservations can be made, with a non-refundable deposit of £20.. Your deposit will only be returned due to unforeseen circumstances on my behalf.


Baby rabbits will not leave until they are at least 8 - 12 weeks of age (or older in special circumstances) or until I am entirely happy that they are ready to go to a new home.


The rabbit you purchase will be fit and healthy when you collect it and no responsibility will be held for the rabbits' health and wellbeing beyond 48 hours of leaving. Once a rabbit has been paid for and collected no refund will be given.


All rabbits are sold as pets only.


All rabbits are sexed to the best of my ability but please be aware that unfortunately due to the small size of these breeds and the fact that young rabbits under the age of 10 weeks are extremely difficult to sex, it is possible mistakes may be made.


It is highly recommended that you either neuter or spay your rabbit after it has reached the age of 15 wks. This reduces the risk of health problems such as uterine infections in does, stops bucks from spraying and helps remove the risk of any behavioural problems associated with sexual maturity.


Two weeks supply of food will be given on collection. It is important to mix this food in with the brand that you choose to feed to prevent tummy upsets.



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