Bluebell Bunnies

Preparing For a Rabbit


Outside Rabbit Vs House Rabbit


Outside Rabbit

If you are keeping your rabbit outside you need to make sure you keep your hutch weatherproof all year round. This means it must be positioned out of direct sunlight during the hot summer months to prevent heat stroke. During the winter months the temperature can drop considerably so it is best to keep your rabbit protected from the frost and other ailments by covering the hutch with a warm/waterproof cover. All catches/latches must be checked regularly and fastened tight, with wire meshing strong and secure to keep out predators (e.g foxes). On the whole it is best to position your hutch in a sheltered spot out of direct sunlight and protected from the wind and rain.


House Rabbit

If you plan to keep your rabbit indoors you will need to buy a suitable indoor cage. Rabbits can adjust well to indoor life and can even be litter trained. This is often easier with a neutered rabbit. If you are planning for your bunny to live inside you must make sure you make your home ‘rabbit proof’. Rabbits like to chew meaning you will need to cover electric wires and other household objects that could be hazardous. Most rabbits adapt well and with a little patience can be trained to learn what not to nibble.


You can find more advice on the internet about keeping and looking after your rabbit.

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